Graphic Design; My one true love.

Design is fit for Purpose.
And beyond the “What?” lies the “Why?”

That's my philosophy. I believe that this is what drives great design. Great design moves us. It evokes and it expresses. It provides understanding and helps us connect in ways we never thought possible. It builds value. It serves a purpose. It delivers a promise. Often one we never thought was possible.Need some great design? Email me –

Illustrations, Drawings, Custom art

Freebie Download— Monster Themed Lolly Boxes

Halloween, Monster, Party, Lolly boxes, Lolly bags, papercraft, giftboxes

Three printable, monster themed, lolly boxes for birthday parties or halloween.

This was a personal project. Partly because I love papercraft and also because I'm a dad, and wanted something different and cool for the giftboxes at my son's birthday.

Even cooler than that, by clicking the image below you can download the full set of three monster giftboxes for use at your own parties.

* Please note: this is available for personal use only, if you wish to use them for commercial purposes please contact me directly

Monster Giftbox Download

Halloween, Monster, Lolly boxes, Lolly bags, gift boxes

Brave. Logo and Mascot Designs

Cartoon mascot and logo design

Logo and mascot designs for a start-up focusing on childrens tutoring and mental health.

The client had a tight budget AND needed a logo and individual avatars for the staff, something that captured their individual personalities, while keeping within an overall superhero theme.

I can do the same for you, especially if you're on a budget. Drop me a line.

Promotional Brochure Layout and Design

Corporate promotional brochure layout

This was an eleventh hour project. A promotional brochure for a real estate development project. 16 pages in total, and a whole lot of fun to work on,

And I can do the same for you. Need some layout work done for your next corporate project or promotional promotinal brochure? Contact me.

Verve Product Packaging Design

Product packaging design

This was a packaging design done as a part of my student portfolio. I still love it, so I'm including it here.

Got a product packaging project you need help with?

Student work, Promotional Booklet

Digital illustration, Graphic design layout

This is another student project that I'm particularly proud off, a gatefold booklet that uses stunning, yet simple illustration work to highlight the coming season of a theatre company.

Need some high end digital illustration and graphic design layout work done? I'm your guy, contact me -

Magazine layout and production

Magazine layout, Graphic design layout

This is one of my favourite projects. The full layout and production of a student magazine. It's one of my favourites not because of it's quality, though feedback was extrememely positive, but because it was my first, full magazine layout job. It was a tricky project, full of difficulty, hiccups, last minute changes and a lot of coffee in order to meet the tight deadline, and so very satisfying at the end.

Got some magazine layout work you need assistance with? Contact me -

Budget Cartoon Logos

Digiatl illustration, Graphic design layout

This is something I've done a lot of. You might even say it's my speciality. Most of the logos shown here go right back to the beginning of my career as a graphic designer.

So if you need a logo for your business or club, and you're on a budget, look no further; contact me

Too Fat, Product Decals

Product decals

This was a logo design and set of decals for a small company selling a new kind of bicycle. The tyres are extra “fat”, giving them a distinctive look and the ability to be ridden on sand and other atypical places.

I've done other decal designs for bicycles, but this one remains my favourite to date.

Need decal designs for your new product? I'm your guy, contact me -