Pixel Powered Hero For Hire…

Because the one thing I love more than wearing a cape, leaping from rooftops & fighting crime is graphic design & illustration.

Time to get serious. So, you want to hire an Illustrator? Need to hire a Graphic Designer? Or just want to superpower your next big design project? I’m here to help. Now let's get talking…

Illustrations, Drawings, Custom art

A Very Versatile Visual Designer

I specialise in working in a variety of styles for a variety of price-points. I’ve done a lot of work for customers on a budget, everything from cartoon mascot designs to T-shirt illustrations to animation designs. Whatever your project, I can give it the kapow it needs to stand out from the crowd. Let me know what you need, email me at HeckmakerDesign@Gmail.com and lets get started.

A few questions to help get started

So I can give you the best quote possible tell me a little about your project,

  • The Who, Who is the intended audience? And please, tell me a little about yourself too?
  • The What, What do you need? What is your budget? What does it need to achieve?
  • The When, When is your deadline?
  • The Where, Where will it be used?
  • The How, How will it be used? How will the audience see it?
  • The Why, Why? This is the important one, and also the trickiest. Great design exposes the why, it’s what motivates us, helps us to connect, and evokes a response.

And let’s get started, send me an email, HeckmakerDesign@Gmail.com

Payment Made Easy

Our preferred method of payment is Paypal, the safe and secure way to pay…

(Please let us know if you prefer another payment method. We will frequently ask for a minimum deposit before beginning work, and finished files/work will only be dispatched once full payment has been received. For smaller jobs, such as single spot illustration work, we will ask for payment up front. Thankyou)
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