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A True Design Powered Hero |
Illustrator Of Awesomeness | Passionate Lover Of Typography & Design | A Doodler | Big Geek | Elephant Juggler | Comic Book Aficionado | Fueled By Coffee, Beer & Chocolate | Builder Of Lego Masterpieces | Lover Of Puzzles & Creator Of Little Humans.

Flying Mascot

Hi. My name is Kale, and right now you’re probably asking what I can do for you; And what I can do for you is ask ‘Why?’

I’ve been a graphic designer and illustrator for five years now. A lot of the work you see here is illustration, that’s because I love making things beautiful. But my first passion is design. Design is about creative problem solving. Design is fit for purpose. And that’s what drives me. Great design comes from answering ‘Why?’

It's because my business is about getting the best results for you and your business? The best designs go beyond the ‘What.’ They're not just created from collaboration, creativity and exploration. They address the user’s needs. They solve the problems of today. They create a powerful and positive experience for the user. And they all began by with ‘Why?’

By asking ‘Why?’ we discover the reason for being. The passion that drives. The personality and humanity. And that is what great design strives to express.

As a designer I seek to create memorable and meaningful moments. Moments that cut through the banal, the expected and uninspiring. Moments where we connect. Moments that are personal and intimate.

And as a designer I want to know that the designs I provide for you are the best possible designs they can be. That the moments I create for you inspire, motivate and resonate. And that above all, they are ‘fit for purpose’.

So that’s why I ask why!

Now let's talk more about how I can help you, email me at HeckmakerDesign@Gmail.com